A Unique Place for Your Private Party

by Lorna on October 25, 2012

Searching for unique venues to host a special party?

Most restaurants party rooms are dark and boring, seem the same as most other party venues, and the menu choices are rather dull. Not at The AubreyRose Tea Room in La Mesa! Every guest, from the moment they walk in the door is treated special. The tranquil, welcoming ambiance and the palate teasing menu is anything but ordinary. After all, afternoon tea is not just for getting your stomach full, it is an EXPERIENCE!…..A very special event, to create memories with your private party guests. Partiers are invited to unwind and allow themselves to be transported to a different era with each sip of our special blend teas.

This special private party location will leave your guests wondering where you came up with such a stellar idea for your unique party. Your party and guests are unique, why should your private party location be anything less?

Think tea time! Host your private party at The AubreyRose Tea Room in La Mesa!

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