Your San Diego Baby Shower Venue

by Lorna on August 6, 2012

Where to have a baby shower…

If you’re looking for a baby shower location in San Diego, look no further!  The AubreyRose Tea Room in La Mesa is a fun, friendly venue where tea party-goers can feel free to relax and be transported to a different time.  A time where elegance, grace, and hospitality were common place, and manners were always on the menu.  A perfect location to welcome a new life, and contemplate new possibilities.

Aubrey Rose gives tea-partiers the sense that they are invited into a private home to enjoy afternoon tea, and relax with each sip.  No one will judge you for wearing an over-the-top dress, a huge hat, and even a boa…in fact it’s encouraged!  Enter with your arms filled with baby shower gifts…there is room for everything!   And let us know how we can make your baby shower even more memorable.  Out of all baby shower locations in San Diego, this one takes the “cake”!  Your guests will talk about this special place for years to come!

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