Give a Gift Basket

by Lorna on December 15, 2012

Gift Basket 1

Gift Basket 2

Who doesn’t love a personalized gift basket?  Many of us when thinking of famous gifts in baskets will remember the Old Testament classic of baby Moses being hidden in a basket in the reeds of the Nile.  Later to be opened and cherished by a  princess of Egypt.  Gift baskets span time and culture, but one thing always remains the same…The feeling of joy upon receiving a token of love from someone dear.

This holiday season, look for a twist on the typical gift basket at The AubreyRose Tea House in La Mesa.  Think tea!!  At The AubreyRose we strive to bring gift baskets back to their place of honor and romance by including special touches.  Our baskets include teapots and teacups, not to underscore our special-blend teas.  With a week’s notice they can be custom ordered to include a favorite tea, and personalized with choice of color.  Give us a call to discuss the type of basket you have in mind, and we will personally prepare it with love.

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