High Tea San Diego

by Lorna on May 20, 2011

High Tea in San Diego is becoming more and more popular.  However, the term high tea is an interesting one.  Many San Diego residents might think of high tea as the pinnacle of the tradition of drinking tea, but it actually refers to something a little different.

Traditionally, high tea was a meal that was eaten in the early evening.  The terms, high and low refer to the tables that the meal was served upon.  “Low” tea would be served, sitting down in a sitting room on “lower” tables, like a coffee table, for example.  “High” tea would be served in the dinning room, along with other more substantial dishes.

For most Americans, the term, “High Tea” refers to what is actually the traditional, afternoon tea.  For others, they may be thinking of a Tea party, in which tea, small sandwiches, cakes, etc are served.  At the AubreyRose Tea Room, we serve afternoon tea, and host many tea parties for various groups and gatherings.

We’d love for you to join us and see what the art of fine tea is all about.

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