Loose Leaf Tea

loose leaf tea

by Lorna on May 5, 2011

Our loose leaf tea or loose tea as some call it, is high quality, organic tea.  The tea leaves are prepared with centuries old techniques that really help to bring out the full flavor.  From Herbal tea to Black tea, we offer a large selection.  We will often update our offerings throughout the year, from season to season, and on special occasions.

Black Tea

Black tea is widely available in the United States.  However, finding a quality black tea can be difficult.  At our San Diego Tea Room, we offer several varieties of Black tea.  Included are: Darjeeling, Ceylon, Assam, and African just to name a few.  Also popular is our English Breakfast, Black Currant, Paris, Holiday, Caribe, and Apple Cinnamon.

Green Tea

Green teas from China and Japan are very popular right now.  The Chinese like to say they are the “Hometown” of tea.  If so, it is a large town.  You can find Green tea in many areas of China, and it makes for one of the most well known varieties.  We carry an excellent selection of Green tea.  Just ask for it next time you’re in our shop.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is an interesting variety.  It is a cross between both Black tea and Green tea.  Light and full of aroma, Oolong tea is wonderful.  Likely first appearing in China’s Wuyi Mountains, tea makers tried to catch the attention of the emperor.  Today, you can still find the best Oolong teas from China, namely Taiwan.

At the AubreyRose Tea Room, we carry a large assortment of loose leaf teas that continue to wow our customers.  Stop by soon to share a cup of tea with us.

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